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Past Imperfect: Voices from North Carolina History

Seymour Senior Center 2551 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Written by members of Triangle Playwrights, these monologues are based on NC figures. We hear, in the voices of the past, people fighting for freedom and social justice as well as those willing to manipulate others to stop progress or simply promote themselves. Even though the people represented here are long gone, the things they... Read More →


The Suffragist Project

Pure Life Theatre 3801 Hillsborough, Suite 113, Raleigh

The Suffragist Project is a collection of short plays written by the Triangle Playwrights, it spans the 70+ year fight for woman’s enfranchisement. The play will be presented in promenade-style with the audience moving from place to place to experience these different moments in the movement. Many prominent suffragettes will be represented such as: Elizabeth... Read More →