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Quick Start Tarot (February)

Conference Room 300-G East Main St., Carrboro, NC

A 3-week class in which students will learn about the structure of tarot decks, individual cards, framing questions, using spreads, and tarot journaling.


Tarot for Teens (February)

Conference Room 300-G East Main St., Carrboro, NC

A class for teens: learn the basics of tarot card meanings and practical techniques for integrating tarot into your daily life.


Beginning Watercolor

Studio 6 300 E. Main St., Carrboro, NC

Learn how to use watercolor materials, loosen up, and let the process flow.


Be Here Now Improv (February Workshop)

West End Theater NC

Be Here Now is a one-day workshop that will focus on using improv tools to be fully engaged in the moment, create incredible teamwork, and enhance creative thinking, all in the back-drop of an afternoon of fun, games and laughter.


Build an Electroacoustic Percussion Instrument!

Shop Studio 300-G East Main St., Carrboro, NC

In this intensive instrument building workshop, veteran musician Jason Mullinax will show students how to construct and play their very own electroacoustic instrument.

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